Boat Rentals


The Regina Rowing Club has reached out to our neighboring rowing clubs and has arranged to provide visiting clubs and athletes attending this regatta with a high quality boat rental pool.

Boat rental will include rowing shell and oars/sculls for heats through to finals.  Although exactly the same boats can not be guaranteed from heats to finals, athlete(s) renting would be ensured a similar boat for heats to finals.

The club that is providing the rental will set boat Rental Pricing.  We have suggested $25.00 CAD/seat but each club will be setting their own rental prices.

The following clubs have indicated they will rent boats:

Regina Rowing Club

Saskatoon Rowing Club

Winnipeg Rowing Club

Kenora Rowing Club

LakeLand Rowing Club

Calgary Rowing Club

For current boat rental information or to access boat rental pool please email rcamastersregina@gmail.ca as soon as possible.